Why Us

eXito Travel Solutions is a division of eXito Travel Inc. which focuses on offering solutions that make selling airfare simple and profitable.  By partnering with eXito, you gain the ability to offer your clients and/or employees a broad range of air products without the usual headaches and problems associated with selling airfare.  We make airfare simple.

Our services assist a variety of travel-related companies and organizations including: tour operators, educational institutions, travel agencies and governmental organizations.  These services are available to you whether you are currently selling airfare or not selling airfare.

So Why Should You Partner with eXito?

  • True Partners, Not Competitors – We recognize that every organization has strengths and weaknesses. Our Air Simple services allow you to concentrate on your strengths while we focus on our strengths.
  • VIP Service – We believe that customer service is matters.  You and your clients will receive some of the best customer service related to every aspect related to airfare.
  • Dozens of Airline Contracts - Exito has dozens of airline contracts including many unique special waiver programs.  This allows us to offer airfares, routes, special air passes and inventory (ie seats) that aren’t available to the public and most other travel agencies.
  • Experience & Knowledge – Exito has been selling airfare for 17 years.  Our staff averages more than 14 years of travel-related experience.  We focus only on airfare and we have a reputation for doing it well.
  • Cutting Edge Technology – By using internally developed, proprietary technology, eXito has low cost of doing business, which allows us to pass these savings on to our partners.  We increase your productivity while cutting the cost.
  • Increase Profitability – Depending on the Air Simple services you choose, you will lower your costs and/or increase your income